Sunday, February 9, 2014

Aikido! What's it like? Watch a class


Observing Aikido Class

What are you watching?

No class is “typical.” We encourage you to watch several. Techniques can be applied slowly and gently or quickly and powerfully. We practice a variety of movement qualities.

Warm up period

Class generally begins with “warm ups” which may last 10-20 minutes. In our dojo this may include a combination of stretching, breathing, sensory motor coordination exercises, conditioning and traditional centering techniques. Why do we do it? Warm ups prepare us for the activity we are about to engage in physically and mentally. Each day we are different. Warm up period brings us present with our bodies and minds and orients us toward awareness in the present moment. Physically, this minimizes risk of injury. Mentally, awareness of self in its present state is paramount to engaging appropriately with another person.

Technique time

The traditional format of class is for an instructor demonstration followed by partner practice. The instructor may veer from traditional format from time to time in order to keep practice fresh and attention sharp. There are many aspects of training to explore and the instructor may draw the students’ attention to a particular facet of the art.
Etiquette provides a container and structure for the very dynamic and unpredictable nature of the martial encounter. Aikido training is appropriate for all ages and abilities. Students develop at an individual pace and learn to adapt to different practice partners. Respect, attention and appreciation for our training partners and the class instructor are highly held values.

How many techniques are there?

It depends how you count them. There is a set of core techniques that we practice from different attacks and in different configurations. There are an infinite number of variations. Because each person is unique and each encounter is unique, Aikido practice is continually fascinating and fulfilling throughout a lifetime of training.

Visitors are welcome to observe regular aikido classes anytime. Check our class schedule and drop by. No appointment needed.


Yes! We are in the dojo!

Boyet sensei is in the dojo today! If you can make it SAFELY, join us for training. We'll adapt schedule and content to whomever is here. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Seminar class is ON tonight!!!

Yes!!! Despite the weather we are training tonight!

Boyet Sensei is here and will be at the dojo tonight. If you can make it in, you are in for a nice small-group class. The nature of classes will be designed around the people who show up.  If you can make it in, but it's too stormy to go home afterwards, then you are welcome to stay the night in the dojo. Bring bedding. We've got snacks and coffee for the morning!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Feb 6th Thursday night class cancelled! Seminar begins on Friday!

Due to the snowy driving conditions around Portland, we will cancel class for tonight, Thursday February 6th. 

Our seminar with Boyet Sensei begins tomorrow Friday February 7th at 6pm!
Check our seminar info page for the full weekend's schedule of classes.