Sunday, October 18, 2015

Why seminar attendance is important - video from Birankai North America

October 23-25 Multnomah Aikikai hosts a seminar with Frank Apodaca Sensei!

Hear why seminars are important. These interviews were conducted during a seminar held at Eugene Aikikai. See if you recognize any of our dojo members on the mat!

Is the video frame not working? Click this link to view the video on YouTube:

Seminars are at Multnomah Aikikai come but once a year (with a few exceptions). Apodaca sensei will teach a children class and a iaido  class on Friday; adult body arts and weapons classes on Saturday and Sunday. Apodaca sensei is the chair of the Examining Committee for Birankai North America, he is is Chief Instructor of his own dojo in North Carolina and he served as the Chief Instructor of Multnomah Aikikai 1995-2000. October 2015 marks Apodaca sensei's 30 years practicing aikido!

Come celebrate, be in the dojo, help out, observe classes and/or train!

Check the weekend class schedule and view details about the seminar on our seminar page:
seminar with Frank Apodaca Sensei