Friday, August 28, 2015

Catch up on the videos, photos and great articles on Biran Online

Catch up on the videos, photos and great articles from our Birankai 2015 Summer Camp in Tacoma Washington.

My First Aikido Camp is a wonderful article by Meghan McCoy, a student from Oak Park Aikikai.

Senseis Darrell Bluhm and Frank Apodaca 2015
Article excerpt: 
For me, particularly since I’m still very new in Aikido, every class had something new to learn. Familiar techniques, such a katatedori suwariwaza ikkyo, had to be approached differently because I was practicing with someone I’d never met, and so I had to learn how to move in a way that worked with them. The weapons classes were immensely beneficial, especially Frank Apodaca Sensei’s weapons class. He emphasized cultivating “the eyes to see,” which I took as meaning not just watching and stealing the technique, but also seeing and feeling the energy with which someone moves. I once read that proper form is essential, but without technique and heart put into the form it’s all mechanical, and much of what I believe Aikido to be is lost.

From the August 19th post, scroll down and enjoy the posts! 

There's a link to the Birankai Smugmug site with great camp photos...

Check out the wonderful videos tracing back to the first day of camp. Here's one from George Lyons Sensei's class; katatedori, ai hanmi iriminage chudan opening. Along with Lyons Sensei's movement, watch how his ukes move:

Here's a video of Neilu Naini Sensei of Clallam Aikikai in Washington, teaching an outdoor weapons class. Observe her clean execution of tsuki makiotoshi:

There's much more to see, watch and read on Biran Online.
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-Suzane Van Amburgh, Chief Instructor, Aikido Multnomah Aikikai

Saturday, August 1, 2015

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