Power Without Struggle - Winter Workshop at Multnomah Aikikai

Please note this event has passed. It was held in 2016. 

Jan 15 - 17, 2016
Winter workshop at Multnomah Aikikai
Open to yudansha and 1st kyu aikido practitioners

Power Without Struggle

The integration of upper and lower body motion is a skill that is learned over a long arc.

When people struggle to perform technique, there may be an array of reasons for it, however the integration of upper and lower body movement is usually missing.

In Aikido we are studying balance; uke’s balance and our own. Typically, in the role of nage, we are intending to move uke in one way or another. We want him/her to take a step, shift his weight, we want to uproot uke, turn uke, move his hips, his sternum his spine. So often, students struggle to move uke.

The key to moving uke well, is to move ourselves well. We must examine how we turn; how we use our own spine; how we make use of the ground to shift weight, sink, rise or pivot; how we move our center from point A to point B.

These skills apply to everything we do. This workshop is not about everything but it is about integration of upper and lower body. When the aikido practitioner realizes a new level of integration, a sense of power and elegance emerges that they have not sensed before.

Open to yudansha and 1st kyu practitioners. Participants should be familiar with all the techniques on the Birankai kyu guidelines. This will be limited to a small group of students. Applicants should have the permission and blessing of their teachers to participate. Certified teachers are also welcome to participate.

Segment 1 presented by Suzane Van Amburgh, shidoin
Friday Jan. 15: 7:30-8:30pm
Saturday Jan 16: 10am-11:30am, break for lunch, 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Format: Body arts and weapons. Along with Aikido, we will explore auxiliary activities to sense the generation of power and tie the experience back to the application of aikido techniques. Portions will be video recorded to provide feedback to participants. Group discussion over meals.

Segment 2 presented by Aki Fleshler, shihan
Sunday Jan 17: 10am-12:00pm changed to 8:00am- 9:30am

After Fleshler Sensei's morning segment Suzane will pick up and continue.

Format: Body arts and weapons. We will continue the exploration of power without conflict from the ground up, through deep study of classic techniques from body arts, kokynage with jo, and tachidori. There will be opportunity for discussion.

Proceeds will be donated to the T.K. and Mitsuko Chiba Seminar Endowment Fund Suggested donation: $80 - $120.

Just watched your rolling video again and I can see the focus on connecting lower and upper body. I think this is a great emphasis for myself throughout my training, especially transitioning from my teachers in the eastern region to Chiba Sensei. I used to be very disconnected. I feel that Sensei's emphasis on lower-upper body connection finally changed my foundation in aikido, through many years of training and digesting. I’m looking forward to exploring this more.

~ Neilu Naini, Chief Instructor Clallam Aikikai

Interested in participating? 
Please fill out this brief application form (now closed)
and send us a quick email through this site to alert us.Suzane Van Amburgh will receive your form and follow up with you.

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