Thursday, May 18, 2017

Aikido Summer Camp - a revelation and an opportunity not to be missed!

Aikido Summer Camp is in Tacoma WA

Wednesday July 26 -  Monday July 31

Birankai North America sponsors summer camp at University of Puget Sound

Why go?

When I attended my first Summer Camp, I had only been practicing Aikido for a few years, and the world of my practice was largely defined by the narrow walls and small circle of dedicated students at our San Francisco dojo. I was training in a snug mental room with only a small window offering me a glimpse of the larger world. 

My arrival at Summer Camp was a revelation, as if an entire wall of the room had been torn away to reveal an expansive landscape of Birankai members and teachers from across the country and around the globe. I couldn’t help but venture out and start exploring, both the larger world of Aikido and the limits of my own endurance and capabilities. 

Summer Camp showed me that I could train harder and longer than I’d ever dared before, encouraged by the vast wealth of sensei and sempai all around me. As the week progressed and I became weary, I found that I no longer had energy to waste on rigid or inefficient movements. 

My technique became more supple and flowing because I was too tired to be otherwise. This unique experience stuck with me after Summer Camp ended, and I couldn’t wait to return the next year to find it again. ~ Dan Reid

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