Monday, October 31, 2016

Children say aikido is awesome!

aikido is awesome
Our Children's Program Director, Rudy Puente, asked students what they like about aikido.

Here are a few of the responses...

I like Sensei, the animal exercises and the aikido moves.

It's fun.
It's discipline.
It teaches you respect.

Aikido. I don't even know how to start. This program has changed my life from the very beginning! Before I started doing this martial art, I would randomly have these weird anxiety attacks at night, when it just started to get dark. It didn't happen just once a week; it would happen every single night. One day my Dad found aikido online. He said it sounded perfect for what I was dealing with. When I went to go watch what it was like, I instantly knew that I wanted to participate in this program. After a few sessions, my anxiety was almost gone evey time I got to bed. I couldn't believe that this program was helping me get through my life without anxiety! I totally recommend this dojo to anyone at all, especially if you are going through the same thing I was.
~Ali (age 12)

Multnomah Aikikai's children's classes are held Wednesdays and Fridays 5pm to 6pm. We're located at 6415 SW Macadam Ave, Portland OR 97239. You are welcome to drop by and observe a class without prior appointment.

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